Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012! Enjoy these pictures from the last few months.

Mommy and Me!

Tom's birthday was Dec. 5th.
Thanks to Grandma Tina for a delicious cake from Piece of Cake in Sellwood!

Fun with Levi - a disc golfing friend

I won!

My stick. Watch your ankles, people!

My cozy chair

Zonked out on a beautiful rug. Babysitting is exhausting!

I wasn't so sure about this Snowman.

Our trip to CA! I stayed in my cave bed (aka the "V-hive") the whole time.

Nice view of Mt. Shasta
(although I didn't see this because, as I said earlier, I stayed in my bed the whole time.)

Me and my favorite guy - Private First Class Doehne!

My gift box for Christmas.The crunchy cashews are my favorite!!

Cutting down a Christmas tree in Oregon....

In the pouring rain.... (I'm a true Oregonian now)

The three of us and this other scary guy.

Happy holidays, and best wishes for a happy new year!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hey there! It's been a busy few months, and I'm finally getting around to updating my blog. What do you think about being my friend on Facebook? Too much? Great idea? Let me know.

Enjoy these photos/videos in the meantime!

At a Halloween party. They made me wear the Bumble Beagle costume. Again.

At a favorite Mexican food restaurant for happy hour! They let me sit outside. =)

I think Jessica was bored and decided to play with the camera. Just so you know, the camera added several inches to my noise.

All snuggled up is the best way to be!!

I got a new bed from the Portland Saturday Market this weekend! I wasn't sure about it at first, as you'll see in the video, but now, it's the only place I'll sleep!

Relaxin' in my new digs - love my new bed now!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Friday, August 5, 2011

The beach!

A beautiful day at Oswald West State Park!

Doesn't it look like I'm a giant dog?

Getting a sun tan.... and warming my tummy on the hot sand.

This is me on "feather alert" - there were so many seagull feathers on the beach! They are equally terrifying and amazing.

Hangin' out and hoping that Tom, Jessica, Stacy, or Jacque would give me some of that incredible smelling Double Cream Brie from Trader Joe's.....

Lots of dogs, people, and surfers.

A happy, relaxed me.

A cool tree! It was a beautiful hike through the woods from highway 101 to get to the beach.

A silly picture of T & J - she's wearing this weird thing on her head!

That's all, folks!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello, all! Summer is flying by.
Tom is working hard at a group home, and Jessica is teaching several camps. It's a lazy summer full of picnics, brewing beer, cooking good farmers market food, trips to the coast, gardening, and playing with my doggy friends in the apartment complex.

Here's a few pictures from our recent Portland adventures!

I hide in this cubby when I don't want to be found.... It's very hard for Tom or Jessica to get me out. Hehehe.

Some of my favorite people! Stacy, Jessica, and Jacque, taken at the Tillamook farmers market. We went to the coast and had a great time at Oswald West State Park - more pictures later....

I can will you to give me bacon treats with just my eyes.

Bacon treats, please....

So Tom and Jessica left me (gasp, I know!) and went to a cousin's wedding in St. Louis and to visit Tom's parents in Minneapolis. I've never seen them so dressed up, so I had to include this picture on my blog.

This is the life.....

This is me and my squirrel friend staring out the window, a favorite activity.

Nap time with Tom.

Picnic on the river with Stacy!

Playing hard!

Lots of car rides....

Sometimes Chowder comes over to play!

Enjoying time at Gabriel Park.

That's all for now - pictures from the coast to follow shortly.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello, all! Happy spring!

Here's a selection of pictures from the last few months:

My favorite chair

Tom, Jessica, and I at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival near Woodburn, OR.

A silly photo opportunity...

Jack, Tom, Jessica, Jacque, Stacy, and me at the Tulip Festival - Aren't we photogenic?

Frisbee golfing at Milo McIver State Park.

I love Stacy and she loves me!!

Zonked out on the iPod after a day of frisbee golfing/adventuring

Tom and Jessica on a different frisbee golf adventure at LL Stub Stewart State Park

Jacque kept me company in the backseat all the way there!

Okay, I know I'm not in this picture, but it's a cute one anyway. This is Jacque, Stacy, Jessica, Liz, and Tom having breakfast at Jam on Hawthorne.

This was taken after a rainy hike through Tryon State Natural Area, my favorite place to sniff around!

Taking in the sunshine at Gabriel Park.

Ever have those days when you just don't want to get out of bed?

Tom looked awfully strange in that green thing....

Taking a nap on my favorite couch.... =)