Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello, all! Summer is flying by.
Tom is working hard at a group home, and Jessica is teaching several camps. It's a lazy summer full of picnics, brewing beer, cooking good farmers market food, trips to the coast, gardening, and playing with my doggy friends in the apartment complex.

Here's a few pictures from our recent Portland adventures!

I hide in this cubby when I don't want to be found.... It's very hard for Tom or Jessica to get me out. Hehehe.

Some of my favorite people! Stacy, Jessica, and Jacque, taken at the Tillamook farmers market. We went to the coast and had a great time at Oswald West State Park - more pictures later....

I can will you to give me bacon treats with just my eyes.

Bacon treats, please....

So Tom and Jessica left me (gasp, I know!) and went to a cousin's wedding in St. Louis and to visit Tom's parents in Minneapolis. I've never seen them so dressed up, so I had to include this picture on my blog.

This is the life.....

This is me and my squirrel friend staring out the window, a favorite activity.

Nap time with Tom.

Picnic on the river with Stacy!

Playing hard!

Lots of car rides....

Sometimes Chowder comes over to play!

Enjoying time at Gabriel Park.

That's all for now - pictures from the coast to follow shortly.


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