Friday, August 5, 2011

The beach!

A beautiful day at Oswald West State Park!

Doesn't it look like I'm a giant dog?

Getting a sun tan.... and warming my tummy on the hot sand.

This is me on "feather alert" - there were so many seagull feathers on the beach! They are equally terrifying and amazing.

Hangin' out and hoping that Tom, Jessica, Stacy, or Jacque would give me some of that incredible smelling Double Cream Brie from Trader Joe's.....

Lots of dogs, people, and surfers.

A happy, relaxed me.

A cool tree! It was a beautiful hike through the woods from highway 101 to get to the beach.

A silly picture of T & J - she's wearing this weird thing on her head!

That's all, folks!

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